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Food Links, 14.01.2015

  • The UK food system is failing.
  • Cassava beer.
  • You can’t boost your immunity.
  • Food in Europe is too cheap.
  • Milk in Britain is too cheap.
  • ‘These self-reported data on diet and exercise have long been called flawed.’
  • Buy-to-leave is killing London, and some of the city’s restaurants.
  • Cocktails and rising house prices.
  • How sustainable is sustainable beef?
  • Almonds are not sustainable.
  • Kathleen Drew-Baker and the Japanese seaweed industry.
  • The return of the Carolina African runner.
  • The joy of potatoes.
  • South Africa’s first black truffle.
  • The popularity of ancient grains in the US.
  • London’s best bookshop cafes.
  • What pilgrims ate – and eat – on the Camino de Santiago.
  • Nigella Lawson on serving cake.
  • Medieval eating.
  • Wearable food.
  • Portraits in pancakes.
  • Whisks of the world.
  • Magical coffee.
  • Craveable food.
  • Film canisters as salt and pepper shakers.
  • A new soul food restaurant in NYC.
  • Cereal Killer Cafe.
  • Pig fat as moisturiser.
  • Pairing wine and junk food.
  • The rise and rise of Greek yoghurt in the US.
  • An eighteenth-century recipe for barley soup.
  • A dog cafe.
  • A Hello Kitty-themed organic farm.
  • A crisp sandwich cafe in Belfast.
  • A new kind of Icelandic beer.
  • Frying toast.
  • How we come to eat things we once hated.
  • A guide to the regional ramen of Japan. (Thanks, mum!)
  • David Chang thinks about ramen.
  • The history of New England’s ice trade.
  • ‘many Swiss pizza-lovers have been urging Swiss authorities to permit the free passage of pizza delivery across the border without having to endure the tedious customs process.’
  • In praise of ugly food.
  • The fried egg bandit.
  • Grey cake.
  • The Creme Egg has changed.
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