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Food Links, 21.01.2015

  • The appalling conditions under which farm workers grow America’s fresh produce.
  • ‘Sometimes, I think of that unruly field as my grandparents’ desperation garden.’
  • Butter that costs $49 per pound.
  • American children are eating too much pizza.
  • The implications of commercial bees for wild bee populations.
  • From free school meals to food pantries.
  • British shoppers are paying the same for cucumbers as they did in 1989.
  • Farming without herbicides.
  • French supermarkets take on budget rivals.
  • What the world eats.
  • McDonald’s sales are down.
  • Checking the flow of illicit honey into the US.
  • Turning sewerage into drinking water.
  • Bonnie Slotnick’s recipe book shop will not close.
  • Inside Egypt’s ahwas.
  • Icicle farming.
  • Red velvet Oreos.
  • Determining apples’ ripeness with lasers.
  • Corporate beer is badly watered down.
  • Time-restricted eating.
  • How farmers cope with the cold.
  • Future super foods?
  • Introducing Cuban cuisine. (Thanks, mum!)
  • ‘Even the gleaming teeth in the BBC’s adaptation of Wolf Hall are historically accurate, according to author Hilary Mantel, who says that in an age when eating sugar was uncommon – even for the likes of Henry VIII – tooth decay was much less of a problem.’
  • Where to eat ramen in Tokyo.
  • Bacon biscuits.
  • Conflict Kitchen.
  • The 2015 Piglet.
  • Culinary tours of Cuba.
  • A map of every goat in the US.
  • Curry in English hands.
  • The rise and rise of Jägermeister.
  • The great cookbook breakdown.
  • Make your own flatbread.
  • Chefs love brains.
  • Jonathan Gold on ramen.
  • American Creme Eggs won’t change.
  • Eye of the gazelle.
  • ‘”Each month you can see how it’s changing by how many veggie burgers they sell,” he says. “Each month it’s more. With gentrification you start getting gourmet fried chicken…”‘
  • The salt hotel.
  • The best American cities in which to raise livestock.
  • Make your own buttermilk.
  • Roast a chicken without a recipe.
  • Absurd restaurant stories.
  • Korean women try US junk food.
  • Making cheese in China.
  • Wonder fries.
  • The 8,000 calorie diet.
  • Cocoa cubes.
  • What is a beard friendly pub?
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