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Food Links, 15.07.2015

The biggest pain au chocolat in the world, at Rennes station.

The biggest pain au chocolat in the world, at Rennes station.

  • ‘It is the processing of raw ingredients that enabled us to extract from them the nutrition we needed as swiftly as possible so we could get on with doing the more interesting things that make us human.’
  • Playtime before lunch.
  • The restaurant of second chances.
  • ‘Until the 1960s, Nigeria was a net exporter of food. Now it imports $3 billion a year more than it exports.’
  • What the recent Iran deal means for pistachios.
  • A brief history of America’s food stamp programme.
  • ‘by all means enjoy eating at going to trendy paleo steak restaurants … but don’t be fooled by the evolutionary scientific explanations which are now out of date. Your genes and your microbes are evolving faster than you realise and can cope with the new additions to our diet in the last few thousand years.’ (Thanks, Ester!)
  • Suhoor in Cairo.
  • What recipe books tell us about the American Civil War.
  • Don’t buy a spiralizer.
  • Farming cranberries organically is very difficult.
  • What not to do at a farmers’ market.
  • Paying for your food with poker.
  • The joy of scales.
  • Freekeh porridge.
  • How Iceland is coping with international demand for skyr.
  • Growing microbes for yoghurt.
  • Microbes and the making of cheese.
  • Thai puddings.
  • Make your own shao mai.
  • ‘I always eat / the apple core.’
  • GK Chesterton’s The Neglect of Cheese in European Literature.
  • The politics of Japan’s tea ceremony.
  • Better Cooking, Better Living (1952)
  • Maths and cooking.
  • Coffee substitutes.
  • Coffee in Ethiopia.
  • Coffee is neither good nor bad for you.
  • Coffee art.
  • Writing the history of Los Angeles through menus.
  • Drinking in ancient Iraq.
  • From Zola’s The Belly of Paris.
  • ‘Over the past 50 years, anise, fennel and cumin have seen 1,000, 700 and 375 percent increases in per capita availability, respectively. Meanwhile, cousin caraway has had a 50 percent decrease.’
  • Making ramen in the US.
  • An American sells ramen in Tokyo.
  • Eighteenth-century Americans drank a lot of alcohol.
  • How to store fresh ginger.
  • Cricket milkshake.
  • Guacamole controversy.
  • Remaking Asian-American pastries.
  • A guide to duck eggs.
  • A guide to Indian vegetables.
  • A guide to Icelandic cooking.
  • Meat.
  • Should you stick to the recipe?
  • Top Deck cupcakes.
  • Pizzarium.
  • The joy of Norwegian brown cheese.
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