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Food Links, 13.03.2013

The commodity with the sharpest price increase this year? Tea.

Two articles on the ethics around eating quinoa.

Man-made meat.

How Americans buy food.

Rum replaces champagne in Britain’s basket of goods used to calculate inflation.

Honey laundering in China.

America’s agriculture is less productive than Bangladesh’s.

Pret a Manger’s very bad employment policies.

Why we should worry about Tesco‘s ‘indie’ coffee chain.

The trouble with fructose.

Are all calories equal?

The argument for introducing bison to the British countryside.

Why the Paleo diet is daft.

Chicago‘s lion meat scandal.

Fiction for people interested in food.

A review of EC Spary’s amazing looking Eating the Enlightenment.

A day in the life of a hamburger.

Jeffrey Steingarten bakes perfect coconut cake.

My African Food Map.

Seventy-year-old lard.

A table of prohibited substances.

Seven diets in seven days.

Israeli doughnuts.

Part of Chez Panisse burns down; Noma poisons some of its customers.

A chart for making cinnamon buns.

Eleven facts about Guinness.

Edible bonsai.

The tyranny of dining out.

Milky coffee.

London’s first cat cafe is set to open. (Thanks, Isabelle!)

Why you should add vodka to your tomato sauce.

How to make your own buttermilk.

Oral Sadism and the Vegetarian Personality.

These are all courtesy of my Mum:

Are organic tomatoes more nutritious?

Bird-friendly farming.

Introducing Fairtrade products to African markets.

A Victory Garden featuring superheroes.

Foodie Pseudery (12)

Jeffrey Steingarten is probably best known for his recent sweaty-palmed ode to Gwyneth Paltrow. But as Vogue‘s food writer, he’s a fine figure of a pseud. This is from an article about what he eats in a week:

We had a guest from India. He’s quite old and he’s a very particular eater, so we went to ABC Kitchen for dinner. And he asked me, ‘Obviously the chef didn’t have to do much to the ingredients, so why do you need a good chef?’ I tried to explain how the cooking was not as simple as he thought it was, it just looks simple. We had many dishes: the Jersey tomato on bread, certainly the squash that’s sautéed with Parmesan.

I salute you, elderly, picky Indian guest.