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Food Links, 02.05.2012

Books on booze.

As London prepares to vote for its new mayor, consider Ken Livingstone’s enthusiasm for breakfast.

Twenty ways to change the way we eat.

Five foods to save the world.

The latest craze in the food world: tattoos for chefs.

How coffee helps to revitalise cities.

A faintly annoying article about African cuisine which seems to suggest that Africa is a country, not a continent.

How to make chocolate shavings.

Koji – the most important ingredient you’ve (probably) never heard of. And the rise of the gourmet canteen in Japan. (Thanks, Mum!)

Fast food restaurants in unusual buildings.

How to conquer cassoulet.

Cider around the world.

The five best places to eat breakfast in New York.

What is ‘authentic‘ Italian food? And does it matter?

New food mash-ups.

America’s food truck revolution.

The Beatles, eating.

The creation of a new, seedless mandarin orange.

The world’s best street food.

Eating bones.

The rise of the ‘second breakfast‘ in the US.

How to rehydrate dried chillies.

The devil’s fried egg sandwiches.

The future of food in Japan.

What the Brooklyn Bridge has to do with champagne.

The best and worst of Canarian food.

Home-smoked vodka.

A recipe for Swedish cinnamon buns.

More people are keeping chickens in Austin, Texas.

Ten myths and facts about raw milk.

Food and fashion.

Fatty brunches across America.

How to make cheese at home.

Making, baking, and brewing

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