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Food Links, 11.07.2012

Four ways to improve food security in sub-Saharan Africa.

New ideas for dealing with commodity price volatility.

Making oscypek cheese in the Tatra Mountains.

Hunter S. Thompson on breakfast. (Thanks, Colette!)

Something to snack on during the cold, rainy southern hemisphere winter.

The self-stirring pot.

New York plans to ban the sale of large size sugary drinks. And why it won’t work.

How to find a good baguette in Paris.

Fifty Shades of Cake.

Angel Delight ice cream.

Chefs on photography in restaurants.

Food packaging which makes every last drop of sauce leave the bottle.

Jerry Greenfield, co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s, talks about ice cream and sustainable, ethical business.

Chefs with attitude.

Capital Vintage Marmalade.

The Queen, in cake.

Foodtography. (Thanks, Mum!)

Is marmalade only for sophisticated palates?

Jamie Oliver on what he would prefer not to eat.

How to go gluten-free. (Thanks, Ester!)

What Batman has to do with hot dogs.

Climacteric fruits.

Food to help you survive the zombie apocalypse.

Is there a link between good design and healthy eating?

How to make potato gnocchi.

The history of ketchup. (Thanks, Jared!)

The KFC cookbook.

Food as an object of mass production.

A pizza vending machine. (Thanks, Simon!)

A novel way of getting rid of invasive species.

Britain’s most middle-class meal.

Why do we eat unhealthy food with such enthusiasm?

Is marmalade on its way out? (With thanks to David Worth.)

Posh neighbourhoods are bad for bees.

What happens when you deep-fry an iPad.

How locavorism has influenced architecture.

Killer peppers!

Slow Food USA rethinks its strategies.

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