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Food Links, 20.02.2013

Britain’s changing meat buying habits.

Thoughts on the meaning of ‘horsemeat.’

Is the horsemeat scandal good for butchers?

Food scandals and other regulatory failures.

Almost half the world‘s food is thrown away.

Biofuel and the price of tortillas.

Fast food and meat.

The politics of drink in Britain.

Qatar‘s efforts to grow food in the desert.

Growing Power in Milwaukee.

Settler Agrarian.

On Tesco’s hipster coffee chain.

New York Farm City.

Reviews of The Breakfast Bible.

Britain’s Groundnuts Scheme in East Africa.

Suffragettes and tearooms.

An interview with Fuchsia Dunlop.

Bill Buford on food television.

An interview with Mrs Patmore.

Does your town need luxury dining?

Bread that remains fresh for two months.

American Food Roots.

An 1884 review of a Japanese restaurant.

Photographs of decaying food.

Making jelly for Henry VIII.

Things that make coffee shops great.

Blancmange, a recipe for disaster.

A brief history of milkshake-related mayhem.

Downton Abbey cocktails.

Wild animals in supermarkets.

Advertisements for Coke from the Second World War.

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