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Food Links, 15.05.2013

Mali is braced for more food shortages.

American food production is moving north.

The home economics movement in the United States.

Climate change is transforming British wine.

The sexism of the food movement.

The Western Cape feeds 91% of the province’s schoolchildren breakfast.

Why so many people die of food poisoning in Bangladesh.

The moral bankruptcy of foodie-ism.

How instability in Sudan is upsetting Coca Cola.

Cannibalism is no aberration in human history.

Tom Philpott reviews Michael Pollan’s Cooked.

A Syrian ice cream shop opens in Jordan.

Why do foodies ignore the abuse of restaurant workers?

How to shut down a restaurant in Mexico.

Rescuing rare salad leaves in London.

The new Belfast dining scene.

Ice cream bread.

Food has never been more fashionable.

How to speed-age bourbon.

Jeffrey Pilcher on the origins of Cinco de Mayo.

Where to find interesting ice cream.

What to eat on Cinco de Mayo.

A bicycle-powered ice cream churn.

Michael Pollan on barbeque in North Carolina.

How to make shrimp etouffe.

The World’s Best Restaurant is in Catalonia, again.

Making baklava in Istanbul.

Sourdough Danish pastries.

Fridges are Very, Very Dangerous Indeed.

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    May 15, 2013

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