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Food Links, 22.05.2013

Can you eat healthily on £1 a day? Yes, and no.

Eighty-four per cent of New York’s workers in fast food restaurants report wage theft.

The Zimbabwean government’s problem with Coke.

Eating insects to end world hunger.

The food industry should audit its supply chains to eliminate food waste.

Why there’s so much salt in processed food.

The restaurant industry is booming.

Food for the Pakistani election.

Fast food, lad culture, and gender.

How to stop wild pigs.

Egyptians become Italy’s pizza makers. (Thanks, Duane!)

The French government is auctioning off its wine collection.

What Coke contains.

The EU intends upon banning jugs and dishes of olive oil on tables in restaurants.

On Umbria.

Lionel Shriver on food and eating.

A review of two books on breakfast.

The Food Swap movement.

From chick-lit to farm-lit.

Sadie Jones‘s food memories.

George Orwell on how to make tea.

The best olive oil container designs for 2013.

The cronut.

Cats dressed up to look like sushi.

The cocktail chart of film and literature.

Cinnamon and Gunpowder.

Food sliced down the middle. (Thanks, Simon!)

Fry bread in New Mexico.

Strange flavours of ice cream.

These are courtesy of my mum:

Philip Pullman on bacon.

A French chef cooks more vegetables.

Whipped bread.

To Praise a Common Vegetable.’

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