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Food Links, 05.06.2013

1. Why British fishermen cannot rely on the shellfish boom. | 2. Byron, BrewDog, and the recuperation of radical aesthetics. | 3. Michael Pollan’s rose-tinted view of domesticity. | 4. Eat less meat for the good of the planet..  | 5. The plight of the honeybee. (And how bumblebees – whose numbers are being boosted – can help to save this year’s UK strawberry crop.) | 6. On cast iron pans. | 7. The growing interest in brewed coffee. | 8. The taco waffle. | 9. Mumbai’s Parsi cafe culture. | 10. Urban chicken coops. | 11. The Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative. (And mapping Africa’s soil diversity.) | 12. A brief history of Angostura bitters. | 13. Collectable wedding cake. | 14. Blueberry tall pie. | 15. Hackney’s boutique spoon whittler. | 16. On #guardiancoffee. | The return of the prune.

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