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Food Links, 12.06.2013

1. It’s very, very hard to run a food truck in New York. | 2. ‘the bosses from Seoul began slipping their North Korean workers a Choco Pie or two as a perk.’ | 3. ‘The Chinese corporation Shuanghui International … has just bought US giant Smithfield, the globe’s largest hog producer and pork packer, in a $4.7 billion cash deal.’  | 4. Half a million Britons are using food banks. | 5. On granola. | 6. Jeppson’s Malort. | 7. Are wild, edible plants more nutritious than cultivate varieties? | 8. Espresso drinks, deconstructed. | 9. Gin does not make you sad. | 10. The new fashion for chocolate bags. | 11. The ramp harvest. | 12. ‘One day I will live like a vegan Gwyneth, another day I will eat like a child of Gwyneth.’ | 13. How to de-seed and juice pomegranates. | 14. Georgian pound cake. | 15. Japanese prison food. | 16. ‘Like tulips in Holland, chickens were once the subject of near-insane interest and wild financial speculation.’ | 17. The art of bees. | 18. 3D-printed sugar. | 19. How to brew coffee.

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