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Food Links, 07.08.2013

  • The girls sold into slavery in India’s tea industry.
  • Monsanto, the US agribusiness, will withdraw applications to grow genetically modified crops in the EU.’
  • The significance of wild foods to food security.
  • Scurvy is on the rise in the UK.
  • Is there a link between the use of antibiotics on farms, and the rise of drug-resistant bacteria?
  • The school bus feeding children in rural Tennessee.
  • Are we nearing ‘peak water‘?
  • Onions have played an outsized role in Indian politics’.
  • Europe’s ability to grow its own food may be plateauing.
  • Drinking coffee may reduce people’s risk of suicide.
  • ‘Since 2008, Japanese law requires companies to measure and report the waist circumference of all employees between the ages of 40 and 74 so that, among other things, anyone over the recommended girth can receive an email of admonition and advice.’
  • Tecoma, the town resisting McDonald’s.
  • Buzzfeeds: the Guardian’s coverage of the bee crisis.
  • Was the menu at the state banquet to celebrate the Obamas’ visit to South Africa, sub-standard?
  • How Coke engineers its orange juice.
  • A soup kitchen during the Great Depression, 1930.
  • ‘drawing pictures of unhealthy food can have positive effects on mood.’
  • ‘All I ever got from the cookbook was an autographed copy, but in those days I was grateful for any little crumb that white people let fall, so I kept my thoughts about the cookbook strictly to myself.’
  • Hipsters can’t cope with their chickens.
  • ‘The world’s about to be turned upside-down. Breakfast will become dinner, night will become day, and fasting turns to feasting.’
  • hiSbe, the new ethical supermarket.
  • Eating take-aways in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Paris.
  • ‘the Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal is celebrating the liquid that some call “white gold” by adding a “camel milk mixologist” to its catering team.’
  • Eating Pyura chilensis.
  • The return of the slushy.
  • Essential Indian cookbooks.
  • George Orwell and Douglas Adams on how to make tea.
  • Artisan cheese from Sweden.
  • New York City’s top kitchens are looking for chefs.
  • In search of the perfect burger.
  • Margarine v butter.
  • ‘What would happen if restaurants had explicit dress codes?’
  • Odd ways of using cheese.
  • Our brains on coffee.
  • Make your own cronut.
  • Camp Gluten-Free.
  • The planet Jupiter in cake form.
  • How to make a giant baked bean.
  • London’s two wine scenes.
  • PD Smith reviews a newish history of the English breakfast.
  • Introducing the ‘crookie‘.
  • Why does jelly wobble?
  • Jay Rayner dislikes picnics.
  • Food Sherpas.
  • Esquire‘s 1949 guide to brewing coffee.
  • Grown-up friendly toddler food (and vice versa).
  • What is a voodoo doughtnut?
  • How to fry an egg.
  • What’s in the average cup of coffee?
  • ‘Remember, not everyone shares your food knowledge and refined palate. That’s the source of your power.’
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