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Food Links, 28.08.2013

The campaign to save the Philippi Horticultural Area is gathering pace.

Want to know more about the development of the PHA? Come to a public meeting in Cape Town TOMORROW at 17:30. For more information and to RSVP, click here. It’s been organised by the amazing Greenpop.

Anyone interested in helping out with the campaign should click here, and get in touch with Nazeer Sonday,, or Rob Small,

Please also sign the Avaaz petition, and share this excellent short documentary.

And back to these week’s food links:

  • Why it’s so difficult to attract young people to farming in the UK.
  • ‘Like steroid use in baseball, food safety will not change until those with the most power have the incentive to change behaviour.’
  • Why is the price of farmland rising in the US?
  • Jamie Oliver criticises poor people for eating badly. And why this criticism is misguided.
  • ‘The goal is to put the burger before the cow.’
  • The rise and rise of food banks in Britain.
  • Doctors in New York City are prescribing fruit and vegetables.
  • When will the American West run out of water?
  • Should we be eating chickens?
  • ‘Sustainable’ palm oil and the politics of eating Nutella.
  • America’s fifty most powerful people in food.
  • ‘at the 1904 World’s Fair, Anderson débuted puffed rice, shot out of eight bronze tubes into a giant cage.’
  • The British obsession with pigs.
  • Are bottomless drinks good for business?
  • The most frequently adulterated foods.
  • How the New Yorker Hotel’s menus tell the story of mid-century eating.
  • True vegans, fake vegans, and ex-vegans.
  • The cronut burger.
  • Baking the earth.
  • Cooking from an LA Times recipe book published in 1905.
  • Questions never to ask at a farmers’ market.
  • ‘The only reasonable explanation for drinking Budweiser is to get drunk.’
  • A blog on Somali cuisine.
  • How to make money out of your vegetable patch.
  • This Twinkie is older than I am.
  • The art of the menu.
  • A visit to the Tabasco sauce factory.
  • The agony of following Madonna’s diet.
  • Wine flour.
  • Cooking in the dishwasher.
  • ‘Mr Neale, 70, of Langstone, Newport, who lovingly nurtured a mammoth 85.5lb vegetable to claim a Guinness World Record, met the hip-hop star Snoop Dog in Cardiff two years ago, who asked the gardener to tell him the secrets if his success.’
  • Will a sheep’s wool keep growing forever? And other pressing, ovine-related questions.
  • Jay Rayner is very, very cross indeed. (Thanks Dad!)
  • How to make barbecued pizza.
  • ‘there is what we might call the gluttony of delicate souls.’

All comments, criticism, and ideas welcome.

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