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Food Links, 20.11.2013

  • Israel’s prickly pears are under threat.
  • Cases of malnutrition have doubled in English hospitals.
  • Growing maize for ethanol is an ecological disaster.
  • The increasing attractiveness of sorghum.
  • Why maize-based agriculture is problematic.
  • Will a tax on sugary soft drinks reduce obesity?
  • McRib was first introduced in 1982, shortly after the company had designed the McNugget.’
  • Should Tasmania remain GM-free?
  • Eat your apple cores.
  • Using cooking to cope with Alzheimer’s.
  • Jon Stewart dismisses Chicago pizza.
  • Flying fish supper.
  • The Pocket Bakery.
  • The worst restaurant customers.
  • Cumin is the best spice.
  • Hot spiced gingerbread.
  • A pie chart about pies.
  • How drunk were late-Victorian train drivers?
  • How to clean out your fridge.
  • Egg whites are more expensive than ever.
  • Reinventing sushi.
  • Interesting food packaging.
  • ‘Police have seized 150 kilograms of cheese found in the back seat and boot of a car stopped in Sydney.’
  • Where to eat in Kinshasa.
  • The return of offal.
  • Understanding MOOCs through food.
  • Orson Welles attempts to sell frozen peas.
  • The long debate over the privatisation of London’s water supply.
  • How to write about African food.
  • Bell Peppers.’
  • ‘The bhut jolokia is a hundred and fifty times hotter than a jalapeño. Gastromasochists have likened it to molten lava, burning needles, and “the tip of my tongue being branded by a fine point of heated steel.”’
  • Mark Bittman is surprised in Chinatown.
  • Jay Rayner on trying and re-trying food.
  • London’s best hot chocolate.
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  1. “He would not say how the cheese was destroyed.” Yes, we can guess. Lucky police!

    November 21, 2013
  2. Reblogged this on dcafeblog.

    November 21, 2013

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