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Food Links, 05.02.2014

  • Food banks now issue ‘kettle boxes‘.
  • A week spent on food stamps.
  • Does an aging global population jeopardise food security?
  • The EU has agreed to tackle food speculation – with no help from the UK.
  • ‘Employees of fast-food restaurants stayed low-income forever.’
  • Pesticides are making bees smaller.
  • World food statistics in maps.
  • Buckfast and crime.
  • ‘Cadbury, the UK’s biggest chocolate maker, opposed Nestle’s 2010 application to trademark the four-fingered chocolate, which sold 40 million pounds ($66 million) worth of bars a year between 2008 and 2010 in the UK.’
  • Wheat does not make people fat and sick.
  • Don’t count calories.
  • Fruit juice is evil. Apparently.
  • The internet of bees.
  • Superfoods do not exist.
  • Michael Pollan disagrees with the Paleo diet.
  • ‘Unesco’s citation praises washoku’s distinctive social and cultural characteristics.’
  • Butter v margarine.
  • Coffee helps to improve memory.
  • A review of Sophia Waugh’s Cooking People.
  • The man who invented the Body Mass Index.
  • Cooking and baking in 3D.
  • Drinking horchata in Nigeria, Spain, and Mexico.
  • Dutch people drink the most coffee.
  • Skirret pie.
  • A map of London’s first coffee houses.
  • MSG is not a dangerous toxin.
  • Peckham’s Mexican cheesemaker.
  • How to pair wine and vegetables.
  • Eat more watercress.
  • A guide to comparing Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
  • Recipes for kale.
  • How to get a table at the best Parisian restaurants.
  • Odd crisp flavours.
  • On Coca Cola’s Superbowl advertisement.
  • A recipe from Ancient Rome.
  • The Beerhouse in Cape Town.
  • Why we like sugar.
  • A recipe for Apple Tansey.
  • Molly Wizenberg on how to feed a baby.
  • Famous restaurant dishes to make at home.
  • The British Kebab Awards.
  • How to cook for crowds.
  • Veggie Ipsum. (Thanks, Rob!)
  • Making cheese in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Plum and ricotta tart.
  • A Beyoncé-themed menu.
  • The doughscuit.
  • Russian and Polish cheese labels.
  • How to turn pasta into a rocket.
  • Eating al desko.
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  1. You always find such fascinating links. The Michael Pollan debunking of Paleo is well overdue as well as the term ‘superfoods’. The last line in that article says it all. Love the cheese labels 🙂

    February 6, 2014
    • Aww – shucks! Thanks! So glad you like them. -Sarah

      February 6, 2014
  2. Fantastic list of links – this is a brilliant resource. Thanks for your work in keeping up with it all (which must be time consuming).

    February 9, 2014

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