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Food Links, 19.02.2014

  • Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe’s claims that child hunger has reduced significantly in South Africa, are incorrect.
  • Chevron Appalachia compensates residents for an explosion with … pizza.
  • Cocoa-nomics.
  • Urban agriculture in downtown Joburg.
  • A Lucky Fish and reducing rates of anaemia.
  • Another fake food scandal in the UK.
  • ‘What has been the staff of life is now perceived as the spirit of disease’.
  • Don’t drink too much water.
  • On alcohol brands and art.
  • Sexually transmitted food poisoning.
  • Why do Americans eat so little rabbit?
  • Some vitamins and supplements worth taking.
  • Three people were arrested after a brawl over a pork pie at a Bradford wedding reception.
  • The queen of borscht.
  • How to cook with insects.
  • Do you drink Beaujolais?
  • What to do with cocoa nibs.
  • Gourmet butter.
  • Criticism of the Michelin guide.
  • British and American bacon.
  • Delicious food from Taiwan.
  • What it’s like to work at Tartine in San Francisco.
  • Food in fiction, a quiz.
  • ‘Louisiana Congressman Robert Broussard proposed importing hippopotamuses from Africa and settling them in the bayous of Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana to assuage America’s carnivorous ills’.
  • How to force strawberries.
  • ‘John Dando’s insatiable appetite frequently put him in prison.’
  • Eating zakuski.
  • How to roast a goat in the ground.
  • Food as art.
  • Rumbledethumps.
  • Why do we tend to underbake?
  • Twenty uses for banana peels.
  • A 123 year-old recipe for apricot jam.
  • How to turn a chicken into a dinosaur.
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  1. emilycontois #

    Thank you so much for the link love for “Hippo: It’s What’s for Dinner” And, as always, thanks for a robust round up of food content!

    February 19, 2014
  2. I’ve wondered why we don’t eat more varieties of animals here in the United States. Very illuminating.

    March 16, 2014

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