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Food Links, 26.03.2014

  • ‘No female serving staff are working in the plenary room of the Nuclear Security Summit in the Hague where the main talks are being held.’
  • The implications of high fructose syrup for bees.
  • Should we buy walnuts from California? And how the drought in California will impact on America’s food supply.
  • The threat to bananas. And the cost of cheap bananas.
  • How ethical are your eggs?
  • An interview with Denmark’s agriculture minister.
  • The rise of discount supermarkets in the UK.
  • A bigger font on food labels.
  • Should you eat saturated fat?
  • Americans are drinking less orange juice.
  • Butter and soy.
  • How to peel a banana.
  • Against non-stick pans.
  • Make your own soil.
  • Medieval people drank water.
  • Eat more Brussels sprouts.
  • The all-pizza diet.
  • How to make a banhi mi sandwich.
  • The cragel.
  • An interview with the chef who invented the cronut.
  • Some very, very old cheese.
  • Hungarian dishes.
  • Make your own za’atar.
  • What Jesse Ball eats.
  • ‘He has made only one type of bread, a light rye sourdough, for 25 years.’
  • Strange tongues.
  • Food that speaks in the first person.
  • Tasty and quick mince.
  • What goes into a San Francisco burrito?
  • A new pizza cutter.
  • The built the world’s largest salad.
  • These links are courtesy of my mum:
  • The Bloomsbury Group’s relationship with food.
  • Designers, artists, and cooking.
  • The long history of marketing and branding.
  • Always know where your food comes from.
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  1. There are some really great articles in here – thank you! Lots of interesting reading…

    March 26, 2014

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