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Food Links, 02.04.2014

  • Eat more fat. Fat-free food is very bad for you. Don’t bake with Splenda. Don’t eat more fat. Don’t be too thin. Eat more fruit and veg. Eat whatever you like.
  • Become a vegetarian to combat climate change. Vegetarians have worse health than omnivores.
  • Climate change should be reframed as a food issue.
  • In the US, a ‘black child age 2 to 5 is more than three times as likely to be obese as a white child that age. Hispanic children in that age group are nearly five times as likely to be obese.’
  • Aid and the new colonisation of Africa.
  • A world map of childhood malnutrition.
  • Is Monsanto evil?
  • How the world’s armies are fed.
  • There could be a global coffee shortage. Climate change may wipe out coffee plantations in Central and South America, making coffee more expensive.
  • Sales of soft drinks continue to decline.
  • Coffee pods are very bad for the environment.
  • Innovative food companies.
  • The Chinese government’s crackdown on corruption and extravagant living is having repercussions for high-end restaurants.
  • Star Wars cupcakes.
  • Eat salt, eggs, and chocolate.
  • On kimchi.
  • Offending bread in Russia.
  • Growing food underneath Clapham. (Thanks, Raffaella!)
  • ‘As most people would be aware, this mango is three storeys high, about 10 metres high, and weighs seven to 10 tonnes, so it’s very surprising that it’s gone.’
  • A woman called 911 over an undercooked waffle.
  • Rules for photographing food in restaurants.
  • Hestom Blumenthal’s Fat Duck moves to Australia. René Redzepi’s Noma moves to Japan.
  • A menu printed the wrong way.
  • Edible water containers.
  • Raw milk from a vending machine.
  • The American cafes which take milk seriously.
  • On muldoshin.
  • Food-themed April Fools’ jokes.
  • Photographs of Victory Gardens.
  • A review of Rachel Laudan’s Cuisine and Empire.
  • How to pronounce ‘croissant‘ in America.
  • Klimt cake.
  • Most of the New Yorker‘s artists are not vegetarian.
  • Gardening while commuting.
  • The Captain’s Chicken.
  • Klingon beer.
  • ‘there’s one ghost who has taken an industrious approach, choosing to operate a creepy Coca-Cola machine on an innocuous corner in Seattle’s Capitol Hill.’
  • How to make blancmange.
  • Beer brewed from trees.
  • Do not make this cake.
  • Goats are very intelligent.
  • Beautiful wooden spoons.
  • Drinkers in art.
  • In praise of kale.
  • Literary drinking spots.
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