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Food Links, 09.04.2014

  • The United Nations has been forced to cut the size of food parcels for those left hungry by Syria’s civil war by a fifth because of a shortage of funds from donors‘.
  • Chocolate and the crisis in Ukraine.
  • ‘Between a fifth and a third of the wild-caught seafood imported into the United States was caught or trafficked illegally’.
  • Why are so many Walmart employees on food stamps?
  • The rise of UK food banks run by Muslim charities.
  • Why are Americans getting fatter?
  • The UK supermarket ‘sector is in structural decline, with no end in sight.’
  • Are we eating too much meat?
  • ‘The world needs an Agrarian Renaissance.’
  • Beware contaminated soil.
  • Vitamin supplements do not prevent colon cancer.
  • Shaping children’s appetites in the womb.
  • Measuring agricultural productivity with satellites.
  • Coffee, gentrification, and being a barista.
  • Anissa Helou on her new restaurant.
  • Cooking with Bengali lime.
  • The implications of having to rename some kinds of cheese.
  • Making grits and polenta.
  • A collection of Russian drink labels.
  • How to find and eat calçots in London.
  • The Wellcome Library’s recipe books project.
  • ‘Good, quotidian food has the capacity to bring joy to all, not just the wealthy.’
  • Make your own mustard, and coconut milk.
  • Remaking Vietnamese cuisine.
  • ‘a chocolate cake with whipped cream that the chef calls, “With the Sun in Your Heart”‘ – eating in Iceland.
  • New kinds of tartare.
  • The creation of Korean-American cuisine.
  • Mondrian cake, and Rothko dessert.
  • An advertisement for radium-laced cooking utensils.
  • The creators of some of the most distinctive craft beers in the world are identical twins from Denmark who can’t stand each other.
  • Street food in Mexico City.
  • Scottish wine.
  • The Annual Edible Book Festival.
  • Food-themed Italian idioms.
  • From milk to yogurt.
  • With Ferran Adrià at the Museum of Sex.
  • Intermittent fasting.
  • Fourteen recipes for chocolate cake.
  • Twelve recipes containing vanilla.
  • Eat more insects.
  • Eat more invasive species.
  • Werner Herzog hates chickens.
  • Will Self hates artisinal crisps.
  • The sauce of leeks.
  • Make your own paneer.
  • Make your own cheese crisps.
  • The return of Green Goddess dressing.
  • A champagne bottle dancer.
  • Is it alright to reuse biodegradable spoons?
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