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Food Links, 16.04.2014

  • ‘The demand for sugar is set to rise by a further 25 percent by 2020.’
  • A map of Walmart taking over America. And how it’s taking over organic food production.
  • ‘like employees at Foxconn, the company that manufactures Apple products, Cargill’s poultry workers will live on-site.’
  • Demand for food banks in the UK has been produced by cuts to welfare.
  • Droughts are raising the cost of tea and coffee.
  • Hormone-free milk contains … hormones.
  • Sriracha has been declared a public nuisance in California.
  • Is it worth adding folic acid to bread flour?
  • The many meanings of green food on St Patrick’s Day.
  • How chain restaurant menus are engineered.
  • Why milk bottle tops are changing colour in the UK.
  • Are you drinking the wrong kind of milk?
  • Hungry + angry
  • Unusual ways of preserving vegetables.
  • Using bees to protect elephants.
  • Peecycling.
  • Coffee accounts for about half of the U.S. fair-trade market in volume terms’.
  • A brief history of bananas.
  • How sound influences the way we taste food.
  • San Francisco takes steps to ban plastic water bottles.
  • A history of London in five beers.
  • Hay art.
  • Eating with our hands.
  • Lydia Davis on frozen peas.
  • ‘one of the most effete turf wars in history, with skinny bearded guys trying to kneecap each other without spilling their macchiato.’
  • Learning about Georgian cuisine.
  • How to make the perfect burger.
  • Should men pay more at all-you-can- eat buffets?
  • Slavery and the history of maple syrup brittle.
  • Dock, dandelion, and nettle puddings.
  • Understanding Peruvian food.
  • How coffee is made around the world.
  • A prom dress made out of cans.
  • Who buys cookbooks, and why?
  • The dangerous, competitive world of mushroom picking.
  • A dystopic fruit and vegetable future.
  • The fast food breakfast wars.
  • ‘Across multiple variables, online review narratives reveal the reviewers’ concern with face and the presentation of self’.
  • Drawings with coffee rings.
  • A brief history of hot cross buns. And of Sinmel cakes.
  • How to move a restaurant across the world.
  • Mapping Waffle Houses across the US.
  • Duck fat cookies.
  • The Sydney Harbour Bridge made out of Tim Tams.
  • How to grow green beans.
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  1. Some great links – thank you!

    April 16, 2014

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