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Food Links, 23.04.2014

  • About 27% of food insecure people – including 32% of food insecure children – live in households which are ineligible for food stamps’.
  • Fast food restaurant workers are striking back.
  • Biofuels made from the leftovers of harvested corn plants are worse than gasoline for global warming in the short term’.
  • What happened when a school district stopped providing chocolate milk.
  • Restaurants in poor areas tend to sell unhealthy food.
  • Racism and obesity.
  • The Mail on Sunday‘s attempt to smear foodbanks has backfired spectacularly.
  • Cow insurance.
  • The failed rebranding of fast food chains.
  • The drought in California.
  • An Argentinian ranch sticking to traditional farming methods.
  • Should farmers grow alfalfa?
  • Gendered toys in Happy Meals.
  • How to trick people into eating more.
  • Seychelles beer production halts for eleven weeks.
  • How much wine should we drink?
  • Reintroducing veal.
  • Ikea introduces vegetarian meatballs. Haagen-Dazs introduces vegetable ice cream.
  • The Russian supermarkets of Berlin.
  • Where to eat in Peru.
  • ‘The bumblebee is the most charming of the lot; even its Latin name, Bombus, is amusing’.
  • The future of food criticism.
  • Atlanta‘s best restaurants.
  • Powdered alcohol.
  • More people are drinking tea in France.
  • Dr Bobb’s Kitschen.
  • When vanilla wasn’t white.
  • How to use up leftover hard boiled eggs. And Easter eggs.
  • A year without sugar.
  • A brief history of General Tso’s chicken.
  • ‘Hunting humans for sport? I’ve tried it. Sure. But I still won’t eat at Chili’s.’
  • Wine myths debunked.
  • Beautiful chickens.
  • ‘In putting coffee at the heart of our lives we are returning to how things used to be.’
  • The rise of milk substitutes.
  • How to make tortillas.
  • Ancient Rome’s tap water was contaminated with lead.
  • ‘In the grand tradition of such things, the veneer of civilization has quickly eroded, and the lime-deprived populace is left clamoring, bestial, ruthless.’
  • How to make a notebook out of a paper bag.
  • Under Julia Child’s kitchen counter.
  • Sellfridges is no longer selling fridges.
  • Cleaning with vinegar.
  • How to tell if eggs are still fresh. (Thanks, mum!)
  • You can make graphene at home.
  • On saffron.
  • A sushi chef’s guide to eating sushi.
  • David Bowie, with pig.
  • What restaurants do badly.
  • How to clean crabs.
  • An interview with Allan Jenkins, editor of Observer Food Monthly.
  • ‘T.C. Clissold, cook for Robert Falcon Scott’s 1910 British expedition, brought seal meat within kissing distance of haute cuisine.’
  • On Renfield syndrome.
  • Indispensable utensils.
  • The trendy bar name generator.
  • Coffee keeps you honest.
  • ‘the Keyneses were considered somewhat miserly when it came to food; they once served three grouse to 11 guests’.
  • Make your own earth cake.
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