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Food Links, 11.06.2014

  • Slavery is widespread in the Thai fishing industry.
  • The implications of the drought in California for the price of fruit and vegetables in the US. And why the disappearing fog is bad for farmers.
  • The number of Londoners using food banks has doubled in the last year.
  • Water wars in Texas. And a nineteenth-century warning against farming in the American west.
  • Another supermarket price war in the UK is bad news for agriculture.
  • A call for transparency in farming.
  • Mapping food production and consumption in the US.
  • The FDA declares war on cheese aged on wooden boards.
  • Why are South African MPs so fat?
  • Eat more vegetables.
  • From citrus to biofuel production.
  • Expired foods that are fine to eat. And the myth of ‘use by’ dates.
  • ‘it’s a lot more difficult to regulate how much marijuana is consumed through eating than through smoking or vaping.’
  • The next quinoa.
  • No-kill caviar.
  • Art Deco toasters.
  • ‘Too much fat is bad, too much protein is bad, and too much starch is bad. Everything is good, and everything is bad.’
  • A brief history of attacking politicians with food.
  • Gin and tonic cake.
  • Apricot and miso jam.
  • The joy of custard.
  • A day in the life of a sushi chef.
  • The stupendous heights of Victorian wedding cakes.
  • Understanding pica.
  • A hot sauce taste off.
  • How to cook on a boat.
  • A guide to citrus varieties.
  • The slow demise of Wimpy in the UK.
  • Making bread without yeast.
  • The best Brazilian restaurants in London.
  • Revisiting Claudia Roden’s Food of Italy.
  • Tomato plastic.
  • Competitive eating.
  • ‘A pretentious yet sensitive wine with a hint of snozzberry. Easy to down the whole bottle without realising. Great with fresh caviar.’
  • A list of films about food.
  • Growing lettuce in space.
  • But then this is Gordon Ramsay and I like to imagine that at the time he was sitting for a portrait, dressed as a beefeater with gold pantaloons.
  • Things wrapped in bacon.
  • What is a gravy boat?
  • Politicians pulling pints.
  • A dinosaur rolling pin.
  • How to tie a butcher’s knot.
  • Pork in poetry.
  • Depictions of cheese making in medieval manuscripts.
  • Beautiful teapots.
  • ‘Carrots are the new pork belly. Cauliflower is the new steak. Kale salad is the new burger.’
  • Recipes for ice cream.
  • The art of menu writing.
  • Why a packet of peanut butter M&Ms is lighter than the normal kind.
  • A brief history of doughnuts in America.
  • Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney doing the washing up.
  • Make your own sweet chilli jam.
  • Alan Rickman makes tea.
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  1. THANK YOU for this exciting collection of links, can’t wait to explore them!

    June 15, 2014

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