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Food Links, 18.06.2014

  • Drought has dried up California’s honey supply.
  • What the Fork?!
  • Tipping is inherently unfair.
  • Using prison labour to make artisinal food.
  • Don’t wash raw chicken before cooking it.
  • Could palm oil production be made sustainable?
  • Super bananas.
  • Wheat and Norman Borlaug’s legacy.
  • Is pad Thai Chinese?
  • ‘They found characters on [cereal] boxes marketed to children made eye contact with kids at a downward angle, while boxes marketed to adults made eye contact with adult shoppers at a straight or slightly upward angle.’
  • Yaama Dhiyaan, a cookery school for at-risk Aboriginal youth.
  • The American lime crisis is over.
  • The fuss over aging cheese on wooden boards.
  • Eat broccoli to combat the effects of air pollution.
  • Dress codes for restaurants are pointless.
  • ‘Like a few olives too if they had them. Italian I prefer. Good glass of burgundy take away that. Lubricate. A nice salad, cool as a cucumber, Tom Kernan can dress. Puts gusto into it. Pure olive oil. Milly served me that cutlet with a sprig of parsley. Take one Spanish onion. God made food, the devil the cooks. Devilled crab.’
  • The health benefits of marinading meat in beer.
  • How to eat seven portions of fruit and veg per day.
  • Maya Angelou loved sherry.
  • What it’s like being a taster for fast food companies.
  • There is a Spam festival in Hawaii.
  • Restaurant reviews are influenced by the weather.
  • How to save an overspiced or -salted dish.
  • Meat substitutes are beginning to taste like meat.
  • A brief history of gin.
  • Cucumber ice cream.
  • ‘There are no new foods. There will be no new foods. There are only rediscovered foods.’
  • Why do we eat too much?
  • Will Self’s energy drink addiction.
  • Bread poetry.
  • ‘Maybe that’s another thing I like about a posh lunch in a nice place – mastery over the ancestral DNA nagging in my blood that I don’t belong here.’
  • Amazon Japan employs goat lawnmowers.
  • Coffee flour.
  • The joy of miso.
  • Eating hornets.
  • Still Diet.
  • How to become a kale professional.
  • Ribbons, Lambs, and Raspberry Jam.
  • Should we drink more red wine?
  • Recipes from Jane Austen’s novels and letters.
  • How to cut a pineapple beautifully.
  • ‘Female writers haven’t been immune to the lure of the bottle, nor to getting into the kinds of trouble – the fights and arrests, the humiliating escapades, the slow poisoning of friendships and familial relations – that have dogged their male colleagues.’
  • Dogs in pubs.
  • Hemingway‘s favourite cocktail.
  • The dieting supremacist.
  • How to preserve lemons.
  • Bach’s Coffee Cantata.
  • No-bake cakes.
  • World of Peanut Butter.
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  1. Thanks for the shout out. Great list of fascinating reading as always.

    June 18, 2014
  2. I saw the Guardian article about washing the meat – I’m so glad I haven’t been doing it for years as I would have had to have an immediate deep clean…
    Thanks for sharing!

    June 18, 2014
    • Pleasure! I must admit that I’ve never washed meat – didn’t even know that this was something people did. -Sarah

      June 18, 2014
      • I used to, and it’s still in some of my older cooking books. I suppose when you buy the meat fresh in a market it makes more sense than when you get most of it vacuum-packed!

        June 18, 2014
  3. Henry #

    Thank you so much for the link!

    June 20, 2014
    • You’re welcome! And what a great blog. By the way, I highly recommend a local, South African brand, Black Cat ( which is, in my mind, the best peanut butter I’ve ever had. (And I say this a peanut butter enthusiast.) You can usually find it at South African/Commonwealth shops in the UK. -Sarah

      June 20, 2014

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