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Food Links, 25.06.2014

  • Facts about obesity.
  • South African farmers respond to a proposal to allow farm workers to own half of the land they work on.
  • Campaigning for a living wage at Tesco.
  • The rise and rise of Lidl.
  • ‘how, in good conscience, can the USDA recommend limiting visits to fast-food restaurants on the one hand – while helping those very restaurants sell more junk food on the other?’
  • A Coca-Cola plant in India has been closed for using too much water.
  • Artisinal foods made by prisoners in the US.
  • Farming is exceptionally dangerous.
  • The woman revolutionising the sale of camel milk in India.
  • England’s bee population has grown.
  • The gut microbiota of hunter-gatherers.
  • Think twice about low-carbohydrate, high fat diets.
  • Think twice about pomegranate juice.
  • What is ‘natural‘?
  • Jeannette Winterson makes people cross by cooking a rabbit.
  • Americans are not ready for lab-grown meat.
  • Food-shaming blogs.
  • What makes for a successful market?
  • How to use up maple syrup.
  • The viciousness of work in restaurant kitchens.
  • Why do Angus Steakhouses continue to thrive?
  • How to buy, keep, and prepare salad leaves.
  • Meals according to classical music tempo markings.
  • Eating catfish in Mississippi.
  • What do do with leftover kale stems.
  • Kosher crickets.
  • An interview with Fay Maschler.
  • A design ode to Turkish tea.
  • Making kaymak out of water buffalo milk.
  • Discovering Jamaican cuisine.
  • A better tomato sauce bottle.
  • How to make perfect toast.
  • How to use paper towels.
  • How to make dog biscuits.
  • Romagnola-style ragu.
  • Science tricks with eggs.
  • A brief history of bagels in London’s East End.
  • Diderot on chocolate.
  • No-cook summer eating.
  • The evolution of beer brewed by Trappist monks.
  • How to be a vegetarian in Stockholm.
  • Superbees.
  • You call this kale salad?
  • Hazelnut, brown sugar, and espresso biscotti.
  • Beef doves.
  • There are more museums in the US than there are Starbucks and McDonald’s.
  • A blogger drinking his way through Thomas Pynchon’s writing.
  • Slow cooked giant African land snails.
  • The connection between eugenics and keeping cake fresh.
  • New York speakeasies.
  • Normcore and sandwiches.
  • A guide to freezing baked goods.
  • Avocado toast on Instagram.
  • Snorting martini.
  • The summer of goats.
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  1. Thank you for the mention – very kind. And now off to explore!

    June 25, 2014

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