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Food Links, 16.07.2014

  • The grotesque opulence of London’s restaurants.
  • The true cost of a burger.
  • America’s favourite foods. And Americans should eat more vegetables.
  • The value of school feeding programmes.
  • Why food in the US is becoming more expensive.
  • Will crickets be the next popular snack?
  • On Crumbs, a documentary about a South African bread cartel.
  • A sausage cartel.
  • There is a lot of sugar in soft drinks.
  • Will people switch to lab-grown meat?
  • The rise and rise of sour espresso?
  • Accidentally ingesting a poisonous plant.
  • A guide to African cuisines.
  • Baking with local flour.
  • Beenapping.
  • Silly restaurant names.
  • A secret sandwich loaf.
  • Culinary Canvas.
  • Testing chocolate hazelnut spread.
  • Cakes of bread.
  • A phone travels around the world in a shipment of grain.
  • Three pears.
  • A guide to summer fruit.
  • David Lebovitz on living in Paris.
  • Cosy apples.
  • A carpenter bee, covered in pollen.
  • How to confuse a tomato.
  • Recipe tattoos.
  • Brando and bacon.
  • How to grow liquorice.
  • The joy of British puddings.
  • The absinthe trail.
  • What was the ultimate medieval aphrodisiac?
  • Things to do with avocados.
  • Making Persian rice.
  • The women who have fed Austin.
  • How to make iced coffee.
  • ‘The crisp buoyed Britain in its darkest hour.’
  • Recipes from the Wellcome Library’s collections.
  • Byzantine rice pudding.
  • Photographs of street food in London.
  • Black battenberg.
  • ‘One British observer noted that the loss of coffee “afflicts the Confederates even more than the loss of spirits,” while an Alabama nurse joked that the fierce craving for caffeine would, somehow, be the Union’s “means of subjugating us.”’
  • A century of the fridge.
  • Thomas Jefferson’s recipe for vanilla ice cream.
  • Make your own vanilla extract.
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