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Food Links, 06.08.2014

  • ‘It used to be the canary in the coal mine. Now it’s the oyster in the half shell.’
  • What is killing the bees?
  • Hunger in contemporary Britain.
  • How Big Food targets black and Latino youth in the US.
  • On the threat to Detroit’s water supply.
  • The Wellcome Trust has bought the Co-Op’s farms business.
  • A cafe on the border between China and North Korea.
  • Rates of physical activity among adults are declining.
  • Agricultural waste, climate change, and the implications for fishing in Lake Erie.
  • Kitchen essentials.
  • The drying of California.
  • The origins of the fish oil craze.
  • Nigeria’s first vegetarian and vegan restaurant.
  • Should toddlers be fed shakes as a nutritional supplement?
  • An interview with Betty Fussell.
  • Women who eat their placentas.
  • Photographs of the Hinterlands, an agricultural district near Brisbane.
  • Free Cakes for Kids.
  • A Taste of Data.
  • Photographing 45,000 bumblebees.
  • What alcohol looks like under the microscope.
  • A brief history of scarecrows.
  • Lemon meringue pie milkshakes.
  • Eating breakfast in New York City.
  • In praise of oatmeal.
  • Know your food tribes.
  • A guide to Kloof Street’s restaurants.
  • The re-embrace of Jewish-American deli food.
  • A recipe for Mograbia.
  • Sushi nail art.
  • Chocolate brains.
  • Cape Town’s best cafes.
  • Edible tableware and crockery.
  • How to slice a bagel.
  • Recipes for leftover berries.
  • An egg scale. (Thanks, mum!)
  • The best way to store whisks.
  • A colour-changing ice cream.
  • The London Review Cake Shop is holding a pickle competition.
  • Girdlebuster pie.
  • Hoecakes.
  • A dish of tea.
  • Eat more Greek yogurt.
  • Hamburger cupcakes.
  • A tree of many fruit.
  • Food infographics.
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