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Food Links, 17.12.2014

  • Combating illegal fishing.
  • Jack Monroe on poverty.
  • Levels of mercury in fish have increased dramatically.
  • The mystery of the disappearing vitamins.
  • Explaining parabens.
  • The looming olive oil shortage.
  • Does Britain have a drinking problem?
  • Americans go wild for almonds.
  • Radical Mycology.
  • Foraging is not cool.
  • Shorter trees mean cheaper fruit.
  • Lab grown milk.
  • How not to respond to being accidentally overcharged at a restaurant.
  • Most vegetarians and vegans return to eating meat.
  • The bulletproof coffee diet.
  • The Maillard Reaction.
  • Slavery, sugar, and drinking in the thirteen colonies.
  • Nixon’s lunch on his last full day of office.
  • How to open a bottle of wine with a shoe.
  • How to wrap a loaf.
  • Producing cava in Catalonia.
  • Cheese and hats.
  • Puddings for picnics.
  • Savoury ice cream.
  • Eat more schmaltz.
  • An interview with Betty Fussell.
  • Best things eaten in 2014.
  • Moments of food revelation in film.
  • ‘”It’s not out of the question that someone at some point may have made a mould of some famous woman’s breasts and then used it for a glass,” she went on, “but I don’t think there’s anything to indicate that Marie Antoinette herself would have lent her breast for a vessel.”‘
  • Ancient Egyptian bread.
  • Lasse Hallström’s new movie misrepresents chefs.
  • Making cheese in goatskin.
  • The watermelon bagel.
  • How to drink absinthe.
  • The plio diet.
  • Eton mess cake.
  • Pork schnitzel and marital bliss.
  • A corner shop made out of felt.
  • Bodega cats.
  • The best bars in Buenos Aires.
  • New York’s first mustard sommelier.
  • Kosher and sustainable seafood?
  • Fluffy dinner balls.
  • Make better sugar cookies.
  • Make better latkes.
  • Make better tea.
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  1. Brilliant round up as always. Fascinating stuff.

    December 17, 2014

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