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Food Links, 24.12.2014

  • What will a new relationship mean for Cuban and American farmers?
  • Hunger rates are at an all time high in the US, Canada, and the UK.
  • California needs even more rain.
  • Disease is built into the food system.
  • ‘I hope that ultimately the glycemic index will be left on the shelf.’
  • ‘So the more you drink – up to two drinks a day for woman, and four for men – the less likely you are to die.’
  • Eating invasive species.
  • Wine is getting stronger.
  • One alternative to Big Beef.
  • The chip and mayonnaise protest.
  • Wholefoods may begin selling rabbit.
  • China discovers cheese.
  • Holy harvest.
  • Hazelnut, chip, and butter shortages.
  • Banana beer.
  • Some of Argentina’s best restaurants are illegal.
  • Make your own alfajores.
  • A global history of the turkey.
  • ‘he is concerned that Hollywood plans for a comedy about the heist could damage the maple syrup industry’s image. “While it’s nice to have a good laugh, at some point it gets too much.”‘
  • The best restaurants in the South.
  • The rise and rise of the mason jar.
  • The rise and rise of the turkey.
  • The salt tolerant potato.
  • George Orwell’s fruit loaf.
  • Why St John in London has been so successful.
  • Avocado crème brûlée.
  • Julia Child’s refusal to be ‘perfect’ on television.
  • Breakfast in Kurdistan.
  • Green grass refrigerator pickles. (Thanks, mum!)
  • How to slice tomatoes.
  • How to make sugar cookies.
  • Portraits of bees.
  • Couscous Hanukkah fritters.
  • ‘Thou shalt have fries with that. Onion rings can be substituted, if available. But, by no means consider salad an acceptable side, and don’t forget to ask the waitress for ketchup. Thou shalt not call it tomato-y goodness.’
  • How to prevent watery coleslaw.
  • Feasts in children’s books.
  • Gingerbread, 1836.
  • How roasting replaced boiling.
  • Salade Aphrodite.
  • Urban livestock in nineteenth-century New York.
  • Lady Bird Johnson’s Texas chilli.
  • Beef Fizz and Saucy Susans.
  • Chocolate Lego.
  • A truffle was sold for $61,250.
  • Food to eat around a campfire.
  • Vegan barbecue recipes.
  • Catching rats for Vietnamese farmers.
  • What to do with leftover coffee grounds.
  • Why does peppermint cool us down? And watch candy canes being made.
  • Should you make your own fondant?
  • Swiss wine.
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