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Food Links, 04.07.2012

The world faces a cocoa shortage.

An infographic which explains America’s agriculture sector.

Christopher Gardner on the future of food.

How urban farming is changing in London.

A primary school pupil blogs about school dinners. And manages to resist an attempted (and daft) ban. (Thanks Grace, Lindie, and Katherine.)

Explaining the landscape approach. (Thanks, Mum!)

Nora Ephron and food.

Are redder tomatoes less tasty tomatoes? (Thanks, Dad!)

Rethinking Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

Ideas for Fourth of July meals.

The link between industrial farming and our depleted oceans. (With thanks to David Worth.)

Using eggs to understand the financial crisis and JP Morgan’s role in causing it.

China’s increasing appetite for coffee.

Ten strange ingredients in processed food. (Thanks Simon!)

On meat and men.

How to make a summer cocktail out of anything.

A new flavour wheel for honeybush tea.

The size of fast food burgers have tripled since the 1950s.

The flower-eating fad.

America’s eight worst food trends.

How the chicken conquered the world.

The bogus quest for ‘authenticity‘.

Anissa Helou’s Lebanese seven-spice mixture.

An interview with Fergus Henderson.

On food in Girls.

Zaatar from Aleppo and Lebanon.

How restaurants use Instagram.

The sourdough hotel.

Handbags at dawn: why food bloggers are terrible and why they’re brilliant.

How to tattoo a banana.

The zinger – apparently the world’s best iced coffee.

The gendering of food.

Recipes set to music.

Superstitions in the restaurant trade.

Why do we like crispy food?

Women laughing alone with salad.

The authors of Modernist Cuisine have published a new edition on home cooking.

McDonald’s introduces the McItaly burger.

Why do bubbles in Guinness sink?

Salt made from tears.

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  1. Ah welcome back ‘Food Links’ – it’s been too long… I’ve missed it! And many thanks for including my Guardian WOM ‘authenticity’ piece in your round-up. I wrote it many months ago (and have had new ideas and angles since). The original version was quite dense with many more ideas packed in, so we tweaked it at the last minute to simplify the debate (or make it more manageable). I could probably write a book on the topic really…

    Hope you’ve enjoyed your recent travels!

    July 4, 2012
    • Thanks! It’s lovely to be back, and I had an absolutely amazing time in Australia.

      And you’re welcome: I loved your piece. I wish you would turn it into a book: it’s such an interesting, and important, idea.

      July 4, 2012
  2. How come it’s taken me this long to discover your blog. Have spent a chilly Melbourne afternoon clicking the links in this post alone! Great work.

    July 9, 2012

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