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Food Links, 05.03.2014

  • ‘An estimated 174 million people in southern Africa – almost two thirds of the total population – lack access to basic latrines, while more than 100 million go without clean drinking water.’
  • Sugar does not kill more South Africans than HIV/AIDS.
  • The implications of the crisis in Ukraine for global grain prices.
  • A diet high in protein and animal fat may not be very good for you.
  • ‘Starving and drenched journalists ate 250kg of chips and 700 pieces of chicken on the opening day of the Oscar Pistorius trial.’
  • On Food4Patriots.
  • Class and sustainable food.
  • Organic and non-organic produce have the same nutritional value.
  • Why is thinness the ultimate female ambition?
  • Using Instagram to sell sheep in Kuwait.
  • The adulteration of Italian olive oil.
  • The marketing of yogurt to women.
  • A response to Tim Noakes.
  • Substitutes for egg.
  • The trials and tribulations of running a stall at a farmers’ market.
  • Creating a market for skimmed milk.
  • American beer is getting better.
  • A recipe for baked feta.
  • Durian has gone on sale in the UK.
  • Food textures.
  • ‘He complained that his wife was “unable to lunch elsewhere” because she was wearing a tiara.’
  • A Renaissance recipe for panzanella.
  • Make your own coffee creamer.
  • China’s growing enthusiasm for food museums.
  • A breakfast menu as a Venn diagram.
  • The return of the soufflé.
  • Tips for biscuit baking.
  • Chinese charcuterie.
  • The chemistry of Sriracha.
  • Terrible food photography.
  • Diet fads.
  • Birkbeck’s wine society.
  • The man who delivered pizza to the Oscars was tipped $1,000.
  • Teff, the new fashionable grain.
  • The first cat cafe in North America is in Montreal.
  • Americans prefer mayonnaise to ketchup.
  • The Kitchen of Tomorrow.
  • London’s best new chocolate shop.
  • Pancakes in the shape of parasites, and butterflies.
  • Facts about (mainly processed) food.
  • Bindaetteok.
  • A brief history of marshmallows.
  • A brief history of popcorn.
  • How best to make Buffalo wings.
  • Rembrandt‘s ‘The Pancake Woman.’ (Thanks, mum!)
  • Mary Beard on her milkman.
  • Pizza feminism.
  • A coffee in a cake.
  • New breakfast trends in London.
  • A custard recipe inspired by the Geffrye Museum in London.
  • How to make a King Cake for Mardi Gras.
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