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Food Links, 13.08.2014

  • The problem with counterfeit seeds in Uganda.
  • Farming without fertiliser.
  • The threat to corn in the US.
  • On having anorexia and autism.
  • Are people in Scotland drinking less?
  • Bottled water comes from some of the driest parts of the US.
  • Gentrification and food deserts.
  • Should cooking be a human right?
  • How to save the banana.
  • The low carbon diet.
  • The effects of showing people how many sugar cubes  soft drinks contain.
  • The Fried Calamari Index.
  • Be careful of the Noakes diet. (In Afrikaans.)
  • Rethinking the word ‘foodie.’
  • The link between longevity and diet in Japan.
  • The Department of Coffee is opening new branches.
  • Food miles and the provisioning of Ancient Rome.
  • Toaster selfies.
  • Ranking American states through food.
  • Why are potatoes so popular in the US?
  • The end of cuisine.
  • When did vanilla become white?
  • The rise and rise of the Halal Guys.
  • On Modern Farmer.
  • ‘Unbearably bleak, it tastes as though someone has distilled the essence of a downtrodden woman with low self-esteem, then bottled it. ‘
  • The Pangraph.
  • Make your own harissa.
  • New ways of eating ice cream.
  • Frozen cocktails in Austin.
  • ‘The sprouts were not the only part of his kit that had to be specially bought. To protect his nose from rocky nooks and crannies, he wore a plastic nose guard.’
  • Gajjar ka murabba.
  • The surprising history of butter sculpture.
  • How to age beef at home.
  • What to do with a mountain of chard.
  • The joy of a toaster oven.
  • The Cakeway to the West.
  • Neanderthals ate birds. And soup. (Thanks, mum!)
  • Rethinking kitchen lore.
  • An abandoned satellite is being controlled by a group of people in an abandoned McDonald’s.
  • The Seducer’s Cookbook.
  • Use up bruised fruit.
  • Jam, jelly, marmalade, preserves, conserves.
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  1. What a great list this week!

    August 13, 2014

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