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Food Links, 25.04.2012

Famous explosions recreated with cauliflower.

Bertha Haffner-Ginger, godmother of the Mexican food craze.

How climate change is transforming the wine industry in the Old World.

How agriculture and the food industry are responding to Ireland’s high levels of unemployment.

An egg sandwich.

How to make metheglin.

A mosaic of a cherry tree…made out of 10,000 cupcakes.

Doc Brown, Zadie Smith’s brother, raps about making tea.

A homage to corner shops. (Thanks Mum!)

Why Americans have become more conflicted about eating meat.

Keats’s healthy liver.

Who pays for MPs’ lunches?

Last Orders: A Social History of Drinking.

Eight Pac Man-inspired dishes.

Slow Cargo.

Michael Pollan’s food rules, animated. With vegetables.

The best private restaurants (or paladares) in Havana.

The New York flour riots.

Eighteenth- and twenty-first-century recipes for Eggs President.

An edible helium balloon.

The origins of the phrase ‘the best thing since sliced bread’.

Kenya’s coffee boom is fuelling a crime wave.

In defence of truffle oil.

Chop Suey‘ fonts.

How to make the healthiest cup of tea.

Supermarkets make up places to sell stuff. What a surprise.

Talk about tempting fate: a customer suffers a heart attack while eating a ‘Triple Bypass Burger’.

In praise of offal.

How coffee changed America.

Fighting the mafia through food.

Edible food packaging.

Snickers bars are getting smaller.

All you need to know about maple syrup.

A poem about butter.

The fuss about King Cakes.

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